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Survey responses on the subject of Transportation
Public transit (Golden Gate Transit, local shuttles), traffic, air quality, bicycle and pedestrian pathways.

Charles McGlashan

The citizens of Marin have clearly indicated the need for shuttles and for safe routes to school, both of which would help get automobiles off the roads in our towns and in the County. From an environmental perspective, local transit mobility is critical. Without a local, countywide shuttle program, we will not see needed reductions in vehicle use and congestion.

Actions & Accomplishments
  • Worked on transportation and economic elements of the General Plan, both of which stress transportation policies that focus on creating/expanding local shuttle systems, safe routes to school, more regional transit systems and reducing congestion.
  • Worked on Sustainability Principles of the General Plan, which call for improved transportation equity, mobility, access and services for transit dependent people.
  • Member of Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) advocating for tunnel opening and right of way development for bicycle highway.
  • Serve as liaison between MCBC and SMV.
  • Served as bicycle representative on Marin County Trails Committee for the Parks & Open Space Commission.
  • Have been active with MCL transportation committee, Sierra Club Marin Group, and Congestion Management Agency in advocating for local transit shuttles and regional transit solutions.
  • Advisory Board, Nevcore Hybrid Electric Vehicles Inc., 1994-1996
  • Board of Advisors, City CarShare, 2002-Present
  • My work with the Mill Valley shuttle investigation indicates that our towns can't afford shuttles on their own.
  • Active in community efforts, and with Board of Supervisors, in improving the flawed Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (CTMP) intended to reduce weekend and peak season congestion associated with Muir Woods, Stinson Beach and other West Marin natural assets.
  • Will promote local shuttles countywide that run on alternative fuels.
  • Will promote paths, lanes, stairs and roadways that are friendly to bike riders and pedestrians.
  • Will promote a regional transit system with strict provisions for land preservation and environmental protection.
  • Would redirect efforts on any tax measure toward shuttles and safe routes. Sadly, current budget cuts in transit programs will make progress in this effort very slow, but now is the time to begin working on this vision, for unless we act, gridlock will simply continue to get slowly worse.
  • Will work hard with the National Park Service to improve the CTMP and integrate it with existing transportation plans in the County and to integrate it with intercept facilities that would empower local businesses and improve shuttle options.
  • Will work with Golden Gate Transit to expand morning and evening commuter service, and shift resources to local shuttle programs for intra-county service and transit for mobility impaired people.
Andrew Thompson

Transportation is one of the most significant quality of life issues in Marin. I have significant experience on transportation issues given my years of service in city government. This is a hot button issue for me: I've very disappointed at how transportation has been managed at the county level. In Tiburon, I've led the debate on local traffic congestion due to school traffic, and have been instrumental in the adoption a "safe routes to school" program. My encouragement to schools to adopt aggressive bus, carpool and bike/walk to school programs has already had significant beneficial impact, and we haven't even fully implemented the program yet.

My vision for transportation is Marin is one of the more ambitious and exciting elements of my platform, and one paragraph can't really do it justice. I believe we can change the behavior of how people move around Marin, and how kids get to school. The key word is behavior. It's not about throwing money at Golden Gate Transit or widening roads. Utilizing timely local shuttles and a Highway 101 mass transit spine could revolutionize traffic flow in the county. I'm also a strong proponent of bike paths and of re-opening some of the old railroad tunnels for bike and pedestrian traffic. We really can make a difference here, but it'll take some work and the participation of all.

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