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Survey responses on the subject of public health
Marin cancer epidemic, regulation of toxins and other health hazards, adherence to the precautionary principle ("better safe than sorry"), public education and outreach regarding environmental hazards (products and practices).

Charles McGlashan

My professional career for the past 13 years has been focused on the reduction of toxins in businesses, government agencies, and in public areas. Through advanced management techniques and sustainability frameworks I've worked in numerous organizations to reduce toxins, metals and minerals that are threatening to environmental health, and waste. I've been a leader in teaching managers and government personnel new ways to reduce hazards before they cause harm.

Actions & Accomplishments
  • Work on numerous policy and environmental initiatives to create a vision of sustainability at the local level. This means removing dependence in all systems and economic activity on metals and minerals from the Earth's Crust, and all human-made materials that don't quickly break down in nature.
  • Serve as Director, the California Environmental Dialogue, which works on new regulatory policy for environmental health, clean air and habitat protection, all of which help to reduce exposure to toxins and health risks.
  • Advocated Integrated Pest Management and Precautionary approach at Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD)
  • Active on the Environmental Health Committee while serving on the Board of Marin Conservation League, focused on reducing pesticide use throughout the County.
  • Advocated, with SMV, the reduction of use of herbicides and pesticides in Mill Valley.
  • Serve on Board of Directors, Environmental Education Council of Marin, where school programs focus on organic food, and reducing use of non-organic produce and pesticides/herbicides in schools.
  • Assisted in the launch of the County's Green Business and Sustainability Partners programs, which recognize environmentally responsible companies.
  • Editorial Board, Environmental Quality Management, Wiley Periodicals Inc., 1997-Present
  • Visiting Professor, Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley; BA.278: Corporate Environmental Strategy, Spring 2001
  • Project Advisor, Merit Partnership for Pollution Prevention, EPA Region IX, 1996-2000
  • The Natural Step, certified trainer, 1997-Present
  • Will advocate for adopting of precautionary principle in County.
  • Will increase standards in IPM and pesticide/herbicide reduction programs.
  • Will advocate use of native plants in all County grounds and facilities.
  • Will advocate for "living machine" in County park ponds to reduce all manner of chemical use.
  • Will continue serving as a leader in teaching sustainability and toxics reduction techniques to our businesses and communities.
  • Will work to reduce fossil fuel use in all County vehicles, generators, equipment and transportation systems.
  • Will lead the County in building an environmental management system.
Andrew Thompson

As stated above, I've aggressively worked to improve the health of Richardson Bay, including removing of derelict vessels leaking toxins into the Bay and requiring more rigid controls over septic emissions from boats into the Bay. Earlier in my career in Tiburon, we passed one of the first non-smoking ordinances in the state.

I believe health education is deficient in our public education system. I support open and aggressive communication on all public health issues. Having lost both parents at a very young age to cancer and ALS, I'm sensitive to the need to identity what causes illness, particularly if those causes are environmental.

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