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Survey responses on the subject of Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Briefly explain your position relative to any of the issues listed below:
  • Public Participation in Government - Public outreach, public inclusion during policy-making, safeguarding the election process (voting machines).
  • Membership in Cities for Climate Protection Campaign ( - a local initiative in response to global warming.
  • Cell phone tower regulation.

Charles McGlashan

I've worked for years in Marin to bring international sustainability concepts home, and have been amazed how a citizen can become deeply involved in County issues and make a serious difference in the County's future. In the span of just a few years I've become deeply involved in a myriad of County issues we care about, and have served as sustainability trainer, cheerleader, advocate, critic and constant nag - that all aspects of our County, towns, businesses and personal activities become more environmentally responsible, even more efficient, and economically viable. I've worked in Mill Valley with SMV and with Sustainable North Bay to promote Cities for Climate Protection in other localities as well. As mentioned in the discussion of energy above, new programs for energy efficiency and aggregation are in progress as part of my work. While Mill Valley so far has indicated little interest in these ideas, I remain optimistic that these ideas will continue to gain momentum over time.

I am a very strong believer that government can be a fun place to volunteer and work, and with more involvement from more citizens it makes better policy decisions and provides more value for all. It is critical for voting machines to be accurate and fair (paper copies to prevent fraud), for processes to open, fair and inclusive, and for government leaders to reach proactively into the community to provide volunteer and leadership opportunities to more people.

Andrew Thompson

I've always had a global perspective. My degree was in international affairs and economics. I've traveled extensively, and lived overseas. So thinking globally and acting locally is more than just an intellectual concept to me. I understand how local decisions and actions have impact well beyond our immediate region. That's one of the reasons why I'm trying to make a difference for our county and our state.

As I've made clear in my comment on diversity, I consider public participation crucial to successfully solving community problems. I entered government in the first place because I was angry about how problems I saw around me weren't getting solved and how segments of the population weren't being listened to. That's why I'm still in government: I want to get results and I want to get people involved in making Marin a better place to live.

As for climate protection, I certainly support the goals of sustainable development as outlined on the ICLEI website. In terms of thinking globally, and acting locally, I practice what I preach. I live in a passive solar home, and have filed an application to install photovoltaic solar panels on my roof. I've also participated in the past in campaigns to promote electric vehicles.

Regarding communications towers, I could write pages about the current Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA) tower placement debate. However, I will simply say, as I've said from the start, that any RF emitting tower should be located as far from homes and populations as possible, regardless of jurisdiction.

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