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A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape

Support Local Business

Shop at your local grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, paint and plant stores, music and art shops, hardware and bookstores. Shopping in your neighborhood supports your local economy.

Before shopping at the mall, in nearby big cities or on the Internet, check out your local stores. This helps reduce energy consumption in transit.

Mixed use zoning along Miller Avenue may also improve the health of local business. Participate in the Miller Avenue Precise Plan (MAPP) - contact

Locally produced products reduce the need for long distance transportation and its environmental impacts.

Small independent retail businesses create neighborhood identity and strong local economy.

Support the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce. Learn more about innovative ways that business is transforming itself to be more sustainable. Read: Natural Capitalism & Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken; Ecological Footprint by Redefining Progress; and The Natural Step for Business. You can visit the Natural Step online.

A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape...

Organic Food
Support Local Business
Natural Environment
Reduce Pesticides
Ecological Footprint

Support local business

Mill Valley Market
Mill Valley Market has been a local, family-run business since 1929. Shopping here supports our local economy, and saves the energy that would be needed to travel elsewhere.

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