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A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Houses are getting bigger and their overall efficiency is declining. Furnaces and air conditioners represent the biggest energy drains, followed by water heaters. Overuse of lighting - responsible for 25% of all American electricity consumption - is also a significant problem.

50% of the worlds CO2 emissions, the major cause of global warming, comes from the construction and operation of buildings.

Alternative Energy Solutions and Greenbuilding Design Help Remedy this Problem
  • Mill Valley Homeowners are 'Going Green' with remodels that include recycling of building materials, solar panels, 'green' and salvaged building materials and on-site water catchment systems.
  • Sustainable Fairfax has created Marin's first energy-buying cooperative: Fairfax Solar Co-op.
    "In these times of rolling blackouts, escalating PG&E bills and increasing environmental degradation, an exciting alternative is gaining momentum here in Fairfax. This alternative is not only good for the environment and your pocketbook, but it promises to highlight your home, building or business as a model for alternative energy solutions throughout the Bay Area and beyond." - Sustainable Fairfax Solar Co-op Vision.
  • Alameda County Waste Management Authority has created the Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines.
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A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape...

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Solar-powered home
This solar-powered home shows just one way to harness alternative energy.

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