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A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape

There are four projects underway in Mill Valley that affect our town, and we invite you to join in the decision-making. Broad participation by residents of all ages and cultural and economic backgrounds working together on these projects will help to produce an outcome that is democratic and socially equitable. It is also fun and meaningful to work with our neighbors to help solve local problems. Your participation will make a difference.

Miller Avenue Precise Plan (MAPP)

What would you like to see happen on Miller Avenue in terms of affordable housing, mixed-use buildings, gathering places, resident-serving businesses, better pedestrian and bicycle access and improved traffic flow? Over the next 1½ years, the city of Mill Valley is focusing on Miller Avenue as part of the upcoming General Plan. Sustainability is one of the goals of the plan. There are ongoing opportunities for public input.

Contact: Rory Walsh, Mill Valley Director of Planning, 388-4033,

Mill Valley Transportation Study

Are you bothered by the traffic and polluted air in Mill Valley, especially during the morning rush hour? The study, incorporating extensive public input, was produced by the Mill Valley City Council in concert with transportation consultants to provide important information and strategies to alleviate traffic congestion in Mill Valley. The study is in Phase I of its implementation.

The study is available online at the city's web site, (click to the Public Works Department).

Moratorium on Construction
Here is a chance to keep construction down and save the last of Mill Valley's forested hillsides. In effect since June 18, 2001, this ordinance prohibits development for 10 months and 15 days on lots with an existing slope of 50% or greater, and on lots with an existing slope of 30% or greater if located within 50 feet of a public trail, including the Cypress trail and the Monte Vista fire road, or on open-space land, or near a stream or creek as shown on the town's flood insurance rate map. Expansion of homes in which the residence is located on a 50% or greater slope, where the addition will exceed 50% of the existing floor plan, is also prohibited.

During the moratorium, you can attend meetings of the Hillside Development Task Force set up by the City Council to deal with the issues raised by this 'time out.'

Contact: Elise Semonian at City Hall, 388-4033.

Steps, Lanes and Paths Restoration Plan
The plan is a community-based effort to survey and repair the network of pathways that were built when the town was formed over 100 years ago, to connect its populace. This system of steps, lanes and paths enables children, seniors, and other walkers to access public transportation, retail areas, schools, and the library, while enjoying the safety of walking on paths away from cars. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Contact: Victoria Talkington at

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Miller Avenue
One of the main arteries through Mill Valley
is Miller Avenue, the focus of the Miller
Avenue Precise Plan now being developed
by the city and interested residents and
groups, including Sustainable Mill Valley.

Horse Hill Open Space Preserve
During the moratorium on construction, development is prohibited within 50 feet of open space land, such as Horse Hill.

Dipsea Steps
Paths and steps, such as
our famous Dipsea Steps,
provide safe and quiet
walkways for residents.

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