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Conserve Water

In many parts of the world the supply of fresh water is threatened by increasing demand. The average American uses 182 gallons of water EACH DAY. The average resident of Senegal uses 7.5 gallons each day.

We need to conserve water locally so we don't have to take water from the Eel and Russian Rivers which would degrade the health of these rivers.

As a result of the greenhouse effect, snowfall is decreasing in the Sierras, leaving California city dwellers and farmers with less water each summer. We need a plan to cope with this problem.

Warming Trend

The proportion of total runoff in California that is occurring in late spring and early summer has declined over the past 100 years. Scientists say it is because more precipitation is falling as rain than as snow during the winter. The graph below, by the San Francisco Chronicle, shows the April-to-July runoff as a percent of total runoff.

Warming Trend graph

A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape...

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Conserve water

Bon Tempe reservoir
As the population increases and water supply falls, we must find ways to conserve water. Above, Bon Tempe reservoir on Mt Tamalpais.

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