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A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape

Reconsider Your Transportation Habits

Mill Valley Transportation Study: Solving Traffic Problems in Mill Valley: A Community Responsibility, January 2001: "Findings suggest that substantial travel improvements - and reduced congestion - can be accomplished through behavioral changes within our community...".
  • Mill Valley households make an average of over 11 vehicle-trips per day - or almost twice as many trips as our roadways were originally designed to handle.
  • School traffic increases the congestion during the morning rush hour by 26%.
  • The Transportation Committee unanimously recommends that the City Council explore the feasibility of implementing a citywide shuttle bus service in Mill Valley.

Buy Fuel Efficient Cars

Operating an automobile has enormous impacts on both the environment and quality of life. Commuting by car devours fossil fuels, and vehicle emissions are a major source of global warming and air pollution problems.
  • With 5% of the world's population, the US consumes 23% of the world's gasoline. Each gallon of gas burned pumps 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Consider purchasing fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Did you know? Europeans tax gasoline to reflect the cost of environmental degradation and CO2 emissions.

Use Alternative Transportation
  • Support the Safe Routes to School Program. The first Wednesday of every month is Mill Valley's Walk and Bike to School Day with as much as 50% participation throughout the city. For details contact Wendy Kallins at 415-488-4101 or visit the Safe Routes to School web site.
  • The Marin County Bicycle Coalition advocates for safe bike paths in the county. See the MCBC web site for more information.
  • Carpool & use public transportation: Some choices are Golden Gate Transit, Marin Airporter and City Carshare of San Francisco.

A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape...

Organic Food
Support Local Business
Natural Environment
Reduce Pesticides
Ecological Footprint


GEM car
Even if this all-electric car,
owned by an SMV member,
is not for you, the new hybrid
cars such as the Toyota Prius
and Honda Insight have all
the comforts and capabilities
of gaz-guzzling cars, but
exude much less pollution.

Golden Gate Transit bus on Miller Avenue
Public transportation such as Golden Gate Transit relieves traffic and reduces air pollution and energy use.

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