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A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape

"What is sustainability? How does sustainability relate to our life here in Mill Valley?"

Sustainability goes beyond environmentalism and the protection and conservation of our natural environment. It is the measure of human impact on our world and the ability of our planet's natural systems to continue to support 10 billion people and all other life forms by the year 2050.

Click on a topic to learn how our human lifestyles impact the earth's ability to continue to sustain all life and to learn how we can begin to make appropriate changes to become sustainable.

Transportation Reconsidering transportation habits,
Fuel efficient cars,
Alternative transportation,
and more...

Energy efficiency,
Alternative energy solutions,
Greenbuilding design,
and more...

Water Average water use,
Effect on local rivers,
Warming trend,
and more...

Miller Avenue Precise Plan,
Transportation study,
Construction moratorium,
and more...

Organic food Reconsidering eating habits,
Advocating accurate product labeling,
Supporting local farmers,
and more...

Workforce housing,
Pickleweed apartments,
Smart growth planning,
and more...

Support local business Shopping locally,
Sustainable businesses,
Mixed use zoning,
and more...

Stream and wildlife conservation,
Moratorium on construction,
Steps, Lanes and Paths Project,
and more...
Natural environment

Reduce pesticides Reducing pesticide use,
County and city ordinances,
Marin Beyond Pesticides,
and more...

Measuring our impact on the environment,
Calculate your own ecological footprint,
Turn the tide,
and more...
Ecological footprint

Sustainable Mill Valley at the Memorial Day Parade
Sustainable Mill Valley spreads the word about sustainability at the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade.

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