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Reduce Use of Pesticides and Toxins

Cancer rates are rising as pesticides and other toxins pervade our food, water, and bodies. Forty percent of all pesticides used in the United States mimic hormones in our bodies, causing reproductive disorders and interfering with fetal development.

Pesticides, herbicides, plastics and other manufactured toxins accumulate in the environment and are disruptive to the health of the soil, water and air. Their use should be reduced or banned.

Using our Representative Government System

Marin County and the City of Fairfax both have ordinances regulating the use of pesticides:

Marin County: Title 23, Chapter 23.19, Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM): "...ensures significant overall reduction in use and elimination of the most hazardous pesticides... and takes all reasonable measures to ensure that pest control activities do not threaten environmental and human health." City of Fairfax Ordinance # 687 entitled: "Pesticides; the prohibition of use on Fairfax parks, open space parcels and public rights of way including both aerial spraying and ground applications and the public notice of pesticide use on private property."


Marin Beyond Pesticides invites all concerned citizens to attend their monthly meetings, on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in the Tamalpais Room at Marin General Hospital. Tel: 415-459-1391.

A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape...

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Reduce pesticides

Steller's jay
Pesticides poison the ground and
waterways, hurting all life forms,
including this Steller's Jay in a
Mill Valley backyard.

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