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A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape

Workforce Housing Strengthens our Social Fabric

We need affordable workforce housing in Mill Valley that is specifically designated for people who work here, such as schoolteachers, fire fighters, police force, retail and childcare workers, carpenters and hospital workers and other people essential to life in Mill Valley. Lack of affordable housing results in workers commuting long distances to find moderate and low income housing.

Commuting creates air and water pollution from cars, traffic congestion and suburban sprawl, destroying open space and agricultural land.

Social and economic diversity creates a more vital and interesting community.

Pickleweed Apartments is a good example of beautiful, affordable, subsidized housing for people with low and median incomes. We need more projects like this one. There are 193 on the waiting list with only one vacancy per year!

Miller Avenue is ideal for "smart growth planning" and mixed-use buildings where pedestrian-oriented streets would include shops and housing along bus/transit routes. To participate in the Miller Avenue Precise Plan (MAPP), contact

A Tutorial: A Sustainable Mill Valley Takes Shape...

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Pickleweed apartments
The Pickleweed Apartments community on Mill Valley's Miller Avenue provides
affordable housing for residents. These 32 units were constructed on a 2-acre city-
owned waterfront site, using tax-exempt financing and funds from the San Francisco Foundation.

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